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David & Michael

Based on the Gold Coast, Australia, the creative team of 'David Michael' is one that was forged at birth. The partnership nurtured through shared childhood dreams and aspirations and focused through years of collective work experiences.    


Twins Michael and David first love was always Art. This passion for Art was focused early on towards Jewellery. Michael still has the memory of sitting at his fathers jewellery bench at the age of four and having his very own tools he was allowed to play with.   


Moving to Europe as children and seeing their Father work with companies such as Chaumet and Backes & Strauss further developed their love of exquisite jewels and gems.    


The David Michael creative is driven by a strong connection to nature and the beauty of what surrounds us all, creatures, flowers, plants and other natural forms. A beautiful gem in itself is often enough inspiration for an exquisite creation.    


  'David Michael' designs and hand makes only a handful of individual pieces each year. Every piece painstakingly created in a private, eco friendly studio, each process completed 'in house', from water colour renderings to microscopic stone setting.   


Hundreds of hours are lavished on each concept, every detail fully developed, every angle visually explored. Careful attention to detail fits each gem into the completed mosaic of colour fusion or contrast. Each gem placement an hommage  to nature itself.

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